The International Network for Christian Education (INCE) started in 2017 in Burkina Faso. The INCE BF consortium consists of the following organisations: AEAD, AESEB, CREDO, Vision Afrique and Woord en Daad. INCE was set up by Woord en Daad and Driestar Educatief (the Netherlands) to structurally improve the quality of present Christian Education. INCE will develop towards a worldwide network in at least 10 countries that mutually work together on Christian Quality Education both nationwide and globally. INCEs core, at country level, will be either setting up or improving quality Christian Teacher Training, Educational Advisory Services and supporting Policy Influencing in order to make education more relevant for students and society in environments where this is a challenge. INCE will contribute to a strong (Christian) Education Sector, enabling schools to offer a stimulating learning environment, enabling teachers to become Christian professionals and supporting children in becoming responsible, active and productive citizens and motivate governments to fulfill their responsibilities for the education sector.